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The Definition of Good.

With all my talk about finding the good this month, it dawned on me (slightly later than I would have preferred) that it may be best to start off by defining what good actually means. Sure, we can all look it up in the dictionary and find a few different variances on the theme, but what I am talking about this month boils down to something much more specific; namely what is good for you.

Good does not mean what people tell you you need, what they expect, or what is good for them. It is not what we see in the movies or read about in books, or get bombarded with on our social media feeds. The truth is that what is good for you will not necessarily be good for your cousin or neighbour or friend. We are unique beings, each with our own very special purpose on this planet and to do what is generically good, will most likely miss the mark. Furthermore, it solidifies a false notion in our human brains that we all need to work towards the same life goals of being rich and thin and successful and happy. I know it sounds crazy, but this is not necessarily good for all of us and the rigid pursuit of these things without personal discernment is decidedly, not good.

Good to me means feeling balanced and healthy enough to be able to stay in the glorious moment of whatever it is I am doing. What I'm doing from day to day will vary... but I have discovered that unless I feel good about how I've been loving myself (yes, it really does all start with you), nothing else can be truly enjoyable. Instead of focusing on the good around me, I'd be locked in to a mental loop of not enough, and yeah buts. That may make sense to you, or it may not. Perhaps good to you means having enough money to know that you are taken care of so that you feel free enough to enjoy the moment. Maybe it means that you follow a strict workout schedule so that you can more quickly achieve your physical goals because that makes you feel accomplished. I'm not here to tell you what good looks like for you, only that you need to figure it out for yourself. Get really still, tune out the noise, and dive deep into the truth of your unique soul to start enjoying the good life (note that enjoying the good life looks very different from simply living the good life). Then start taking steps towards creating a life that supports good in every moment of every day (yes, even in the shitty ones).

Imagine waking up each morning knowing that although things are not perfect ('cause they never really are) that you know what you truly want in life, you are open to the infinite possibilities that support your goals, and you are excited to see how that will unfold in the day ahead. Being curious. Going with the flow. Trusting that what feels good to you is actually good for you even if it doesn't line up with your mentor/idol/friend. Really sit in the vibration of that for a moment and see how it feels. I don't know about you, but that feels pretty damn good to me.


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