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mini offerings

Every once in a while I share a mini offering that showcases my work, in a tinier package (and price). This is a great way to dip your toe into the work that I do, treat yourself to a little energetic tune up, or figure out if we're meant to do deeper work together. Check back often because these are limited offerings and once they're gone, they're gone.

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February 2024
Heart Healing for New Timelines


2024 is a year of BIG transformation. Humanity is on the verge of a split, in which new timelines will be made available to us all. The more heart-centred and connected we can be, the better the opportunities ... and the more enjoyable the journey. Everyone has the same chance to choose. Will you be ready?

Because of the magnitude of what is on offer, this month's mini isn't really mini at all - it's a huge energetic offering at a radically lower price than booking an energy alchemy session (with a couple of perks to boot).


This 30 min session will be done live over Zoom where we'll clear away old energy, settle your system, connect you to a new grid, up level your current timeline, and expand your heart energy to be open to all the high vibe experiences to come.


You'll receive a card spread to get yourself ready beforehand, and a quick recorded healing to help the new energy stick.

Please note that a 2pm time slot is all that will show for these bookings (to allow me to fit them in to a busy schedule). If that time doesn't work for you, reach out and we'll make it work.

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