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mini offerings

Every once in a while I share a mini offering that showcases my work, in a tinier package (and price). This is a great way to dip your toe into the work that I do, treat yourself to a little energetic tune up, or figure out if we're meant to do deeper work together. Check back often because these are limited offerings and once they're gone, they're gone.

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February 2023
Heart History Reading & Healing

This session is focused on clearing out old blocks from your heart chakra that are getting in the way of you having fulfilling relationships now ... especially with yourself. You will receive messages and healing around your heart vibration, current blocks, outside influences, ancestral (family) patterns, past life lessons, and possible next steps.

Sessions will be done remotely (as in there's no need to show up). I will read your energy, and with your guides' insight, perform any required healing, and send you a complete write up when I'm done. A live (over Zoom) follow up session may be booked (at a discounted rate) to gain greater insight and/or tie up any loose ends.

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