alchemy session

(formally soul healing session)

This session is for you if you need deep, soul-shifting support. We will dive in to your energy on all levels - spiritual, emotional, mental & physical - to find what is holding you back from healing yourself and moving towards the life you truly desire. During this 60 minute session (over Zoom), I will connect to your energy, your body, and Spirit to help you figure out where you're stuck and what you need. It's a three-way meeting between you, me, and your guides. Together we will work to shift your energy, soothe your soul, give you clarity, and embrace the beauty of where you are. There is no limit (or guarantee) to what will transpire ... other than what you are comfortable with - as you are always in control. After your session you will receive an email outlining what came up, as well as tangible steps you can take to continue your healing going forward.


vip alchemy session

Same as a regular soul healing session except that I treat you like the VIP that you are! You can book these sessions outside of my regular hours (even last minute if I'm available), and you also receive a remote energy tune up (via email) one week later. These sessions are available even when my books are full ... if I have the bandwidth to show up for you with the energy and attention you deserve. If you receive a no, it's not because I don't want to work with you, but because I'm not in a place to support you in the way I usually do (or I happen to be on holidays). Although you can book VIP sessions online, if you need in quick, request a time slot through the link below.

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(formally VIP healing session)


reiki & reading

The first 30 mins will be spent together on Zoom, connecting to your guides, pulling cards, and getting clear on what you want and what support is needed to make that happen.​ Then we'll part ways and I will spend the next 30 mins working with your energy remotely and giving you a personalized Reiki healing to facilitate the changes we discussed.​ It's a combo of a coaching session, a tarot reading, and energy work ... in a unique way that supports you on all levels - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I recommend bringing a pen and paper (as session notes will not be included) to jot down your a-has, make note of the messages that come through, and to remember the suggestions that Spirit brings forward.

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private mentorship

Private mentorship spaces open up from time to time and include everything I have to offer. You'll receive 6 private alchemy sessions, full access to all of my courses (including The Awakened Human Project), membership in Collective Magic, a custom curated healing kit, and ongoing email support.

If you're ready to facilitate big change in your life and want a guide to hold your hand the entire way, this three month intensive mentorship may be just what you're craving. You don't need to have a clear goal, but knowing what you want to shift certainly helps. A few things we could work on are: healing a physical issue, learning boundaries & self love, connecting to Spirit and your own unique gifts, healing from developmental trauma, learning to thrive in your relationships, shifting your mindset to call in your dreams, and so much more. If you know you're ready and feel we may be a good fit, reach out through the button below.

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