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you know it's  time

In the ‘dark night’ we’ve collectively been thrust into recently, we are *all* being called now to transmute our personal human grief into collective spiritual gold. What once was luxury is now necessity — and I for one am here for it!


THE alchemy LAB is your community for equal parts spiritual exploration, trauma healing, and unexplainable (but very potent!) magic.

True healing — the kind that sticks — doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Saying your affirmations, looking on the bright side, and stuffing crystals into your bra isn’t enough on its own. Alchemizing the lead in your life into soul-level gold happens through facing your shadows, accepting where you’re at, and allowing yourself to be truly seen and supported. 

When you are ready to soften into who you are and uncover who you’re meant to be, I invite you to join THE alchemy LAB community. As your loving guide, everyone who knows me will attest that I’m brutally honest, swear too much, and want nothing more than to help you heal.

Humaning is hard and no one ought to do it alone. Whether you are a seasoned witch, a curious cat, or a big-hearted woman who just needs a (virtual) hug, you are welcome here.

Now is your time. Your soul sisters await you. Let’s alchemize our lives ... together.

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lab lessons


Personal intuitive coaching around all things magic, human & energy including journaling prompts, card spreads & more


A safe & sacred space to connect with other open-minded, big-hearted, magical women right on my website ... we even have an app!


Freedom to ask questions, explore new ideas & make mistakes so that you can find true clarity on why you're here and what you want to do


Spiritual practices & insights to help you learn to connect to your own magic like new moon intention setting and full moon releases


Energy healing sessions, LAB tutorials, spiritual shares, and mind blowing conversation (live via Zoom) 


A safe place for you to be to explore your gifts & trauma, tears & successes ... all of you is welcome in the online forums 24/7


Access to the library of healings, teachings, conversations & more (including the Witch Wound replay) on the private video page


Backstage pass to my own personal healing journey, discounts on alchemy sessions & a referral program to earn free sessions/memberships

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