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you know it's  time

In the ‘dark night’ we’ve collectively been thrust into recently, we are *all* being called now to transmute our personal human grief into collective spiritual gold. What once was luxury is now necessity — and I for one am here for it!


THE alchemy LAB is your community for equal parts spiritual exploration, trauma healing, and unexplainable (but very potent!) magic.

True healing — the kind that sticks — doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Saying your affirmations, looking on the bright side, and stuffing crystals into your bra isn’t enough on its own. Alchemizing the lead in your life into soul-level gold happens through facing your shadows, accepting where you’re at, and allowing yourself to be truly seen and supported. 

When you are ready to soften into who you are and uncover who you’re meant to be, I invite you to join THE alchemy LAB community. As your loving guide, everyone who knows me will attest that I’m brutally honest, swear too much, and want nothing more than to help you heal.

Humaning is hard and no one ought to do it alone. Whether you are a seasoned witch, a curious cat, or a big-hearted woman who just needs a (virtual) hug, you are welcome here.

Now is your time. Your soul sisters await you. Let’s alchemize our lives ... together.

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lab lessons


Personal intuitive coaching around all things magic, human & energy including journaling prompts, card spreads & more


A safe & sacred space to connect with other open-minded, big-hearted, magical women right on my website ... we even have an app!


Freedom to ask questions, explore new ideas & make mistakes so that you can find true clarity on why you're here and what you want to do


Spiritual practices & insights to help you learn to connect to your own magic like new moon intention setting and full moon releases


Energy healing sessions, LAB tutorials, spiritual shares, and mind blowing conversation (live via Zoom) 


A safe place for you to be to explore your gifts & trauma, tears & successes ... all of you is welcome in the online forums 24/7


Access to the library of healings, teachings, conversations & more (including the Witch Wound replay) on the private video page


Backstage pass to my own personal healing journey, discounts on alchemy sessions & a referral program to earn free sessions/memberships

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choose your own adventure

  • True Connection

    Valid for 6 months
    • access to community forums
    • live energy healings
    • live AMAs
    • live spiritual shares
    • live social hangs
    • access to everything thru private app

    Deep Healing

    Valid for 6 months
    • access to community forums
    • weekly live sessions
    • recordings of all lives within 24hrs
    • unlimited access to video archives
    • Witch Wound healing
    • Stay Calm in a Crazy World course
    • Crazy Train course
    • my personal healing resources
    • access to everything thru private app
    • payment plan available
  • Total Transformation

    Valid for 6 months
    • access to community forums
    • weekly live sessions & recordings
    • unlimited access to video archives
    • Witch Wound, Stay Calm in a Crazy World & Crazy Train
    • my personal healing resources
    • 50% off live courses
    • monthly private guided alchemy session
    • access to everything thru private app
    • payment plan available

THE alchemy LAB is a membership and you will be charged monthly until you cancel. There is no contract to sign and you can leave at any time, however no refunds will be given if you do not cancel before your next payment date.

LAB sign up

join us in sacred space

The doors to THE alchemy LAB open up only two times per year ... because this is a sacred container for you to be held, to heal, and grow. Having new people pop in and out is lovely ... but doesn't contribute to the deep sense of safety and connection we create together. As you show up and share, you will get to know our members in some pretty personal ways, which is why we are able to shift so much. We are more than a group of women, we are a soul family that has agreed to join together in the most beautiful of ways. Most members have been with me from the beginning (back in 2020) and it's a testament to the beautiful gifts that each one of them bring to make us better as a whole. That said, we all have different comfort levels and you will never be pushed to share. We respect your capacity to connect in this way and it's why all of the included offerings are optional (and recorded) so that you can access them on your own time and privately if that feels safer to you. However, as with all worthy pursuits in life, the more you put in (aka share of yourself), the more you get out.

a little client love

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There’s a level of comfort in this community I haven’t felt anywhere else. To be raw and unapologetic about how we’re navigating this emotional human experience. This is my safe space. 

Jen Peters


I don’t know how to put into words how much this group means to me - it's a community of hearts that makes being human a whole lot easier. It’s a wonderful balance of being held and yet free. 


Jacqueline Cruickshank


I’ve loved being in the community. All the wonderful ladies have made me feel supported and it’s a safe place I’m happy to post in. There is an amazing connection between everyone.

Sky Schofield

Image 2022-07-04 at 5.23 PM.jpg

Support from Melanie and the group has helped me move forward in areas of my life that I felt stuck (and didn’t understand why). If you are curious about joining this is your sign to take the plunge.


Krista Cumming

Image 2022-07-13 at 11.26 AM.jpg

Interacting with these amazing women has made all the difference in my healing journey - I no longer feel alone.  If you want to feel loved, supported, heard and witnessed, this is the place for you.

Karen Schmidt

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still on the fence?

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So, how does this actually work?

We meet live on Zoom (at varying days/times so as to accommodate as many people as possible) - roughly once per week for: healing, learning, spiritual shares, and social hangs (like you used to after class). Each session is recorded and placed in the video archive within 24 hours. I’m told that these group lives are just as, if not more, transformative than my private sessions — the power of this community is mighty! 

Additionally, you are supported 24/7 in private forums on my website and in the private app. You can ask me questions, chat with other members, receive support, and view all of the previous healings/teachings/chats anytime you like. Hell, you can even share funny memes, have crazy conversations about the latest conspiracy theory, post videos of your dog, or anything else that tickles your fancy. This is a safe space for you to show up as yourself, uncensored, to explore who you are, where you want to heal, and all the things you want to manifest.

I'm afraid I'll get lost in the shuffle.​

You don't have to worry about this. Why? Because it's my job and why you pay me - I take that seriously. I will be on the lookout for any new comments or questions and I take it upon myself to answer them all personally ... and in pretty short time too. The bonus is that you often get the love and support of the other ladies in the group too. Trust me when I say you won't get lost ... unless you want to.

Sounds great, but I need personal support.

I do too! We all need personal support because this healing journey is hard! Although your questions are posted in the group, the support you receive from me is personalized to your needs and what your guides are telling me. I offer up suggestions to help you heal and shift that is specific to you and where you are ... it's just super awesome that other people on similar journeys get to benefit from it as well. 

I'm not comfortable sharing in front of others.

I hear you. Many people aren't. But being vulnerable and stepping outside of your comfort zone is a necessary part of this (inherently uncomfortable) process in order for you to reclaim your power, heal on a soul level, and call in success. The key is that this is a safe place to practice doing that! Those of us in the group have either been there before (or are still working on it) so you will be met with compassion, understanding, and grace while you gently stretch yourself to grow.

I think I'll just book a private session instead.

Private sessions are awesome and I've spent over a decade doing them. What I found was the same questions, patterns & needs kept coming up and I was spending the bulk of my time revisiting the same healing principles & practices. That, added to the incredible healing shifts I was witnessing in my group sessions, birthed the idea that I can help more people and facilitate greater change by showing up in one, sacred space: THE alchemy LAB. 

That said, private sessions can be powerful and you are always welcome to book one, even if you're not a member of THE alchemy LAB. You do get a discount on my alchemy sessions if you are a current member though, and if you sign up for the gold plan, a private guided alchemy session is included every single month! 


you're one of us

There's no better place to be, than in the muck together. Humaning is hard and no one ought to do it alone. I welcome you to join me in sharing the ups and downs of healing together, as we make our own magic in this world. I walk my talk, I do the work, and I know how fucking hard it can be. That's why I'm a straight-up, badass guide who can hold your hand and lead the way. Whether you are a seasoned witch, a curious cat, or a big-hearted woman who just needs a (virtual) hug ... you are welcome here.

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