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Want to feel more

connected, clear 

& confident?

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True healing — the kind that sticks — doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Saying your affirmations, looking on the bright side, and stuffing crystals into your bra isn’t enough on its own. Alchemizing the lead in your life into soul-level gold happens through facing your shadows, accepting where you’re at, takings tangible steps forward, and allowing yourself to be truly seen & supported. This is what we do - together - in THE alchemy LAB.

Humaning is hard and no one ought to do it alone. Whether you are a seasoned witch, a curious cat, or a big-hearted woman who just needs a (virtual) hug, you are welcome here.

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    Every month
    welcome to the community
    • group alchemy sessions
    • card pulls & spiritual guidance
    • live LAB lessons
    • AMAs for personal support
    • full access to energy archives
    • 24/7 online forums

THE alchemy LAB is a membership and you will be charged monthly until you cancel. There is no contract to sign and you can leave at any time, however no refunds will be given if you do not cancel before your next payment date.

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join us in sacred space

Our LAB members are more than just a group of women on a healing journey ... we are a soul family that has agreed to join together in the most beautiful of ways at this time on Earth. Most members have been with me from the beginning (back in 2020) and it's a testament to the safety and connection we hold space for in the community.


Some of us share a lot, whist others play more of a passive role - we respect your capacity to connect & it's why all of the included offerings are optional (& recorded) so that you can access them on your own time and privately if that feels safer to you. However, as with all worthy pursuits in life, the more you put in (aka share of yourself), the more you get out.



There’s a level of comfort in this community I haven’t felt anywhere else. To be raw and unapologetic about how we’re navigating this emotional human experience. This is my safe space. 



I don’t know how to put into words how much this group means to me - it's a community of hearts that makes being human a whole lot easier. It’s a wonderful balance of being held and yet free. 




I’ve loved being in the community. All the wonderful ladies have made me feel supported and it’s a safe place I’m happy to post in. There is an amazing connection between everyone.


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Support from Melanie and the group has helped me move forward in areas of my life that I felt stuck (and didn’t understand why). If you are curious about joining this is your sign to take the plunge.


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Interacting with these amazing women has made all the difference in my healing journey - I no longer feel alone.  If you want to feel loved, supported, heard and witnessed, this is the place for you.

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still on the fence?

Let me share a few more details to help you decide.

We meet live on Zoom roughly once per week (at varying days/times so as to accommodate as many people as possible) for: new moon intentions, full moon alchemy, LAB lessons & AMAs. Each session is recorded and added to the archives (which you have full access to and currently has close to 150 videos.

Additionally, you are supported 24/7 in private forums on my website and in the private app. You can ask me questions, chat with other members, receive support, and view all of the previous healings/teachings/chats anytime you like. 

In the members area you also have access to my personal healing resources, and even a referral program. It's really up to you how much you want to dive into. And if it's just not a great fit for where you're at, no hard feelings ... you can cancel your membership at anytime (before your renewal date). ​​

a message from your guides

LAB sign up

A little excerpt from the celebration healing done in THE alchemy LAB in January, 2024. For the rest of 2024, our themes will follow the chakra system, spending one month on each one.


feel like the black sheep?

Are you the one who creates the “drama” in the family? The one who stands up when others sit down? Follow your own fucking path (or really want to and just aren’t sure how)? In THE alchemy LAB, it’s a good thing to stick out (and even put your foot in it from time to time). There’s no better place to be, than in the muck together … so if you’re ready to finally find your flock, I welcome you to join us in sharing the ups and downs of healing together, as we make our own magic in this world. Whether you're looking to heal old trauma, explore your spiritual gifts, find a safe space to be weird, or simply need a friend ... I've got you.

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