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Soul Inspired Gurl

  • the difference between intuition and instinct

  • learn to connect to Spirit

  • how to find your true soul's purpose

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Nicole Schiener

  • releasing the notion of right & wrong

  • opening up to all possibilities

  • developing peace as a practice

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Katie Allen

  • body image issues can start young

  • turning those shoulds into coulds

  • why anger is my fave emotion

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Madrina Della Terra

  • what it really means to be human

  • listening to our ancestors

  • accepting that healing is ongoing

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  • real talk on what it's like to be a small biz owner 

  • my best tips for starting out

  • why boundaries are so important in life and business

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Elizabeth Minett

  • any loss can create grief in our lives

  • how to start the healing process

  • what message does grief bring

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Simplicity Sessions

  • everything comes down to energy

  • how to keep your energy clear

  • women's struggle through lifetimes

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  • real talk about parenting 

  • how expectations get in the way

  • it all starts with loving yourself

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Samantha Gladish

  • the energetics of health

  • how your energy can create disease

  • even a chat about demon possession

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Parenting Differently

  • learning through your kids

  • why healing your own wounds is so important

  • giving kids space to grow (even thought it's hard)

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