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Finding Me with Leith McKay

Evolution into a psychic medium

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Transforming 45 with Lisa Boate

Tapping into personal energy

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Reconnect with Your Teenager with Emma G.

Reconnect with your teenager

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Two Humans Talking with Tiffany Simms

The power of curiosity in wellness

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Speaking Light into Abortion with Amanda Kingsley

Exploring soul contracts and alchemy

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Changing The Channel with Joe Garner

Transforming life's challenges into joy and connection

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Walnut Wednesday with Lara Gieseke

Energy, empathy, and trauma

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Joy Found Here with Stephanie Martinez Rivera

Gift yourself a stress-free, joyful & memorable holidays


WTF Spirit with Maria Leggett

Diving deep into the dark, why shadow work is so important

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Soul Led Spirit Driven with Kasia Bourke

Manifesting series: how to have it all


Becoming You with Shirlee Williams

Being exactly where you need to be

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Joy Found Here with Stephanie Martinez Rivera

Letting go of expectations and finding joy in life's messiness

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Chaos to Calm with Karen Yaworsky

Protecting your energy

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Soul Led Spirit Driven with Kasia Bourke

Creating abundance - the energetics & practical aspects

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DIOTALK with Diomark P. Diaz Jr.

A heart centred conversation about life


Adjust Your Practice with Dr. Melissa Longo

Advice for overthinkers (and how to get more intuitive)

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Soul Led Spirit Driven with Kasia Bourke

Becoming authentically you


Open to Alchemy with Lauren Ivy

Opening to the unknown


The Nourished Soul with Kelli Ritter

Magic making at the level of the soul

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Soul Inspired Gurl with Laura Foster

Intuition, spirit & deep self acceptance


Radically Thriving with the Dynamic Doulas

You are fucking awesome, just the way you are

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Peace & Possibility with Nicole Schiener

Practices for peace

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A Conversation with Elizabeth Minett

Dealing with grief 

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Healthy Hormones for Women with Samantha Gladish

Energy and intuition: impacts on health, hormones & disease

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Self Love Ignited with Katie Allen

Embracing your self-worth & going from should to could

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Simplicity Sessions with Jenn Pike

Uplevel and clear your energy

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Parenting Differently with Anja Simmons

Learning (and healing) through your kids

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Madrina Della Terra with Delia Beadle

What does it truly mean to embrace being human

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Lohitaksha's Den with Lohitaksha Koppada

Soul alchemy: transmuting mess into magic

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