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I see you.






It's time to shine.

This work is a remembering, an unveiling if you will - of all that you are and all you have ever been. We will strip away what no longer serves and blow up your magic like EVERYBODY’s watching and you don’t give a damn anymore. We dig deep and uncover the raw and beautiful core of you, then implement loving practices to soothe and heal her from the inside, out. 


It’s time to untether yourself from the past and step into the truth of your soul. You are worthy. It's time. If you're ready for change and willing to finally put your own needs first …  I am here to guide you.

I see you struggling when no one is looking. Saying you’re fine and maybe even believing it. You are safe and fed and have all that you need. You feel guilty for wanting more. Yet there is a niggling, a voice from deep within your soul that wants more and knows that it’s possible for you. You're done with quick fixes that don't even stick and yearn for lasting, positive change.


When we are raised in less than stellar circumstances, we are forced to cope - to control and contort so that we can keep ourselves safe and small and (un)seen. We take on the beliefs and energy of others out of necessity yet by the time we no longer need to, we’ve forgotten it wasn’t even ours to begin with. As we continue to give and support and deny, we can end up anxious, exhausted and stuck.


with melanie

"Melanie has been an extraordinary coach, confidante and mentor me for the last 3 years. Her guidance has allowed me to leverage my gifts and step into my life in a way I never have before. It helps that she’s damn funny and incredibly compassionate. I’m so grateful she’s part of my spiritual inner circle".


Dr Laura Foster


Melanie is the most gracious and intuitive person I have been blessed to know.  Sometimes just being open to ask a simple question can lead to great guidance in your life and if you are having a hard time hearing the answers, Melanie is like your mega phone. The messages that are available to you come loud and clear".

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Gloria Brooks