It's time to stop hiding.

Claim your birthright.

Being born makes you worthy of everything you've ever wanted, and being alive means it's possible.  We so often get in our own way - by continuing to carry trauma, paying for past karma, blaming ourselves, putting everyone else first.  I'm here to let you know that things can be different, that you have the power within you to change.  If you're ready, I am here to guide the way.

If you are struggling with finding peace, fulfillment, or health, I hear you.  I too have searched for answers that I simply couldn't find.  It wasn't until I was ready to face my truth, dig down deep, and do the work, that my happiness and healing began.  I've walked that path and now I know there is a better way.  I remember the fear.  It kept me safe, or so I thought.  And now I know the joy of loving myself with all my flaws and making the life of my dreams a reality simply because I am enough.  Because I am healed.

with melanie

I’ve had lower back pain since I was in my teen years. Nothing ever gave me lasting relief until Melanie intuitively saw the blockage by just tuning in (I didnt even tell her about it, she told me!).  I had a healing session with her and it was nothing short of miraculous.  I’ve not had back pain since that afternoon when she released the energy that was causing my physical pain.  She is extremely gifted and a spectacular healer. 


I was feeling sort of foggy around the direction of my business and your guidance was exactly what I needed to gain clarity. I felt better just being in your presence (your beautiful energy comes through so strongly even in an online session). Your intuitive wisdom, connection to Spirit and ability to feel where my blocks were, validate my questions and reconnect me to my own inner guidance, leading me to what I was truly feeling in my soul was amazing.

Kristin Harris -

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