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Energy Matters

Now, more than ever, clarity is key. Resisting the masses, knowing your place, and having the capacity to show up are no longer luxuries. We need to be clear on our mission, steadfast in our actions, and 100% rooted in our truth. None of this is possible without clear intentions, clear boundaries, and a regular sacred practice. Energy matters.

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Energy Matters is a 7 day exploration of energy and how it affects you. We will talk about clearing, grounding, embodiment, intuition, protection, and more. Each day you will receive an email outlining the day's topic, a video lesson with yours truly, and energy work to do on your own to help you get clear on not only why energy matters, but how it can support you. Since you get all the goods straight into your inbox, you can work through the material at your own pace, and return to the lessons again and again.​ I've even included a guided healing meditation to prep you for the work you will be doing.

what's included

craving clarity?

You will receive an email daily, outlining one of the essential practices you need to incorporate to get clear, stay focused, and show up at your best. There will be homework to complete (but it's juicy) and you are encouraged to show up for yourself.


This series is for anyone who is new to energy, needs a reminder of just how powerful the basics can be, or is simply being called to receive a reset. The practices are simple and the results are immeasurable. You'll wrap up the week feeling clearer, more confident, and armed with your own personalized energy practice to keep you staying that way.

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