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12 months | 28 cards | 4 decks

1 all encompassing guide to your 2024



This is the card reading of card readings, an energetic exploration extraordinaire! It will outline your entire 2024 - month by month. I will read the ups and the downs, the light and the dark, and encompass all that may pass in this transformative upcoming year. I'm not gonna lie - this reading is not for the faint at heart. If you want a glossy, light-washed account of what is to come, this is not for you. I am honest and real about what the cards bring forward, and also offer you support around how to deal. Some of it's awesome and some of it sucks ... but if you want to be prepared for what's coming up the line, give this reading a go.


what's included

Using the Rider Waite tarot, I will read the energy for each month of the year. I will then pull a card from the Strange Lands Oracle to gain insight on how you can best take advantage of it. I will pull three cards from Vessel oracle to give you insight into your overall focus for the year, what your biggest challenge will be, and personal guidance on how to successfully overcome it. Finally, using the Witch Cats oracle, I will pull a card that outlines your soul's purpose ... and how to shine your unique light into the world. Your results (along with a whole lot of pics) will be emailed to you in an easy to read format so that you can refer to it again and again throughout the year to come. Past clients have found this very helpful when dealing with all of life's challenges.











As an added bonus this year, with your personalized reading, you will also receive the complete Collective Encompass reading (done for my community as a whole). This will build on your personal reading to give you an overview of the collective energies, themes, and ways to make your 2024 even better!


added bonus


client love


I wanted to tell you about my Encompass reading ... In November, it said someone isn’t being up front with you, and an undercurrent of deceit and secrecy that is trying to bring you down, then I was faced with my business partner - he tried to take money from the company, my portion of dividends. I was shocked and devastated ... BUT ... I have never been in such a state of peace and standing in who I am…and I KNOW it was because I was prepared for whatever was, and is going to happen because of your November reading…. (Nadene)

I love your encompass readings- they guide me so well through the year and are always spot on. (Karen)


Thank you for the messages, which are absolutely aligned with where I am now. You’re just so good ! I’m feeling much clearer on the way to move forward. (Gillian)

what is possible


We always have free will and even the best of readings cannot (and should not) predict specifics of what is to come. However, understanding the energies around you at any given time, knowing your weak spots & strengths, and having an idea of how to engage can move you into flow and help you make confident decisions to create a year that is your best one yet. You are a force to be reckoned with, and this reading can help you unleash that power by offering insight and encompassing the spirit guidance meant for you in 2024.

Option 1: Personal


Your Encompass reading will be completed specifically for you and not based on the collective energies at all (expect for how they directly affect your year ahead). Please know that these readings can take hours to complete, from start to finish, and I never know what will come up. As a result, they are not live, but are completed over the course of the day that you book. A whole year's worth of guidance and messages takes it own sweet time. There is a process, but it's something I'm passionate about offering and excited to deliver again this year. I sit with the cards, engage with the energy, and deliver you a reading that was not rushed, or confined by any time limit. You will receive an email with detailed information about each month (the general energies and how to best utilize it), your focus for the year, your biggest challenge, how to overcome it, and your soul's true mission. Included in this offering are 15 pictures as well so that you may witness (and possibly meditate on) the beautiful cards that chose to come forward for you, alone.

Spaces for these readings are limited (as they take a lot of my time and attention) and will be offered up until January 25, 2024. Save your spot using the button below. 


Option 2:  Collective


Again this year, I am offering a full Encompass reading based on the energies of the collective, connecting to and sharing the expected happenings of the year to come. This is not fortune telling or the prediction of specific events, but more of an energetic overview of what may transpire for all of us as 2024 unfolds. There will be no individual information yet I can assure you that there will be something in here for everyone. I highly suggest taking the info in, and then sitting with how it specifically applies to you and your journey for the next 12 months.

You will receive an instant download to save and print out, covering all the same info as the personal reading (pictures too). The only difference is that the cards will speak to my community as a whole (and if you're reading this, you're a part of it). This reading will be available for purchase for the entire year in order to give you insight and access whenever you need it most. 

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