12 months

28 cards

4 decks

1 all encompassing guide to your 2020


This is the card reading of card readings, an energetic exploration extraordinaire!  It will outline your entire 2020 and even a little sneak peek of what your future holds even further than that.  I will read the ups and the downs, the light and the dark, and encompass all that may pass in this transformative upcoming year.  It's a new year, a new decade, and a fresh start to calling in what you desire by learning to work with the energies around you.


what's included

Using my favourite four decks (The Wild Unknown Tarot, Crystal Unicorn Tarot, Vessel, and Spirit Cats) I will create a spread that illuminates the pitfalls and successes for each and every month.  I will pull a card to indicate what you need to leave behind in 2019, a card to highlight who you are to be in 2020, and a card to guide you to call in the best energies possible for the year ahead.  Your results (along with a whole lot of pics) will be emailed to you in an easy to read format so that you can refer to it again and again throughout the year.


added bonus

As an added bonus, I will pull an overview card that relays the theme of the next ten years of your life... a gentle message of what is possible for you in the next decade, and how to navigate the changes that are to come.

what is possible


We always have free will and even the best of readings cannot (and should not) predict specifics of what is to come.  However, understanding the energies around you at any given time, knowing your weak spots & strengths, and having an idea of how to engage can move you into flow and help you make confident decisions to create a year that is your best one yet.  You are a force to be reckoned with, and this reading can help you unleash that power by offering insight and encompassing the spirit guidance meant only for you, in 2020.

$199 cad + HST

It seems a small price to pay for a year (and more) of guidance and support, but it's something I'm passionate about offering and excited to deliver.  Book now by clicking the button below, or if you're looking for even greater support (and more meaningful change) in 2020, check out my transformation healing package which includes this reading free of charge.  


©2017 by Melanie Huestis

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