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Terms & Conditions:


I understand that energy healing is used primarily for stress reduction and relaxation, which aids the body in healing on all levels.  I understand that intuitive readings are for informational purposes only and are not guaranteed. I understand that coaching results are dependent on the individual and cannot be guaranteed. I also understand that my subscription does not guarantee me private readings or healing.


I understand that Practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions nor give medical advice and that practitioners are not medical doctors or licensed healthcare professionals. As such, receiving services from Melanie Huestis does not replace any previous or continuing medical treatment. We highly encourage you to continue to seek medical treatment and the advice of your licensed practitioner(s).


I understand that I can cancel my membership at any time. My membership will continue until the end of the billing period, and no refunds will be given if I do not cancel in writing before my next payment is charged. My credit card will be billed monthly at the same rate I signed up, until I cancel in writing.


I understand that some bodily functions may be temporarily affected as the result of shifting energy within my body and I agree that this is a natural occurrence.


I acknowledge that long term body imbalances often require multiple sessions to facilitate the level of relaxation needed for the body to heal itself and that personal results from coaching tend to be cumulative and are dependent upon many varying factors.


I release and indemnify Melanie Huestis from all claims, causes of action and liability in any way related to the services provided.


I understand that any information I am privy to while in the group will be kept strictly confidential and I will not share any private information with anyone else at any time. If I do so, I understand that I will be immediately removed from the group and no refunds will be given for the remainder of my billing period. 


Privacy Policy:


No personal information will be shared or discussed with any third party without your explicit consent and no recognizable details will be shared with anyone at anytime.