and whole lotta real.

I'm a little bit crazy,

If normal is what you’re looking for, then I’m likely not your girl. 


I’m an intuitive energy coach with a big heart and a mouth to match. I'm all about radical self acceptance and getting real about what is not working in your life. I help empower women to drop their old patterns, stories and BS to create space for what really matters.


What really matters? That is entirely up to you. I’m not here to tell you what to think or do the work for you ... but to help you get crystal clear about where you are, how you got there, and what you actually want to call in.


I’m a trauma-informed certified Professional Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Energy Healer who has a straight-shooting (albeit weird) approach to supporting you (whoever you are and however you identify) in turning your own damn muck into the soul-level magic you’re craving. 

Everything is energy and I have an uncanny knack for finding, reading and shifting that shiz in a way that leaves you feeling truly seen and held. You may not know what the problem is, or what to do next and that's where I come in.


This work is not for the faint at heart - I will push you out of your comfort zone and challenge what you believe to be true. I expect a lot from those I work with, because I show up 1000% with everything I’ve got for you. I have an overflowing toolbox (including things like CBT, past life healing, somatic exercises, mediumship, and degrees in both Criminology & the School of Hard Knocks). I may not know what it feels like to be you, but trust me when I say, I know what it feels like to be pushed down and screwed up. I also know how to turn that energy into a life that makes you super excited to get up every day and share your magic with the world.


I am happily married to a man who is doing his own damn work, and we’re raising a couple of kids who know their worth and speak their minds (often loudly, to my face). I am passionate about boundaries, potato chips & cats … and the most important thing to me is authentic human connection. It doesn’t need to be pretty, but it needs to be real. I walk my talk and live my life the way I teach - with passion and fuck ups and grace and love. SO MUCH LOVE. When I tell you I love you, I mean it. I’m an open book and can talk for days, so if you’re wondering about me in a way I haven't covered here, feel free to ask.




"Working with Melanie is incredibly empowering, freeing and helps you to reach your highest self and unlock possibility. Her divine guidance and connection to spirit is truly remarkable. Infinite gratitude for her guidance and understanding".

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Jacqueline Long


Melanie has magical super powers when it comes to healing! She has a special way of reaching deep down to the core of your being and connecting to what your soul is craving and needing to let go of. She certainly is a master at her craft and has such a beautiful way of connecting with others. I always look forward to our sessions together and am blessed beyond measure to have crossed paths with such a spectacular soul.


Natalie Kipling