and whole lotta real.

I'm a little bit crazy,

If normal is what you're looking for, then I'm likely not your girl.  I like to talk to dead people, unicorns, and myself... on a shockingly regular basis.  It took me a really long time to get comfortable with my gifts & who I am and even longer to be ready to share that with the world.  I'm a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Energy Healer, but that's where my official training started and stopped (unless you count my degree in Criminology and my investment certificates).  I have been feeling, and communicating with Spirit for as long as I can remember and I've always been an empath, but the seeing, hearing, knowing, and being seemed to come more as a side effect of doing my own healing, of learning to love and accept myself. 

I am happily married to my very (un)spiritual husband and together we created two pretty awesome and intuitive kids.  I work from home, in a tiny house with incredible energy and a lot of mess (kids and cats will do that).  I'm super duper honest, almost to a fault, and I'm happy to share my own journey with anyone who will listen.  I have a great sense of humour (at least that's what I keep telling myself) and use it often to balance the challenges that arise in life.  I am deeply spiritual and truly walk my talk.  I am constantly working on healing and expanding my own soul.  I laugh and love a lot.  I have a tendency to befriend just about everyone... unless I don't like you (which I decide pretty quickly, as I trust my gut completely).  I've had many lives but love this one the most because this is where I am now.  And now is my favourite time.  A few of my other favourite things are red wine, reality TV, potato chips, and convincing people that my regular practice of gentle stretches combined with connecting to my own inner wisdom is in fact, not yoga.

Natalie Kipling -


"Melanie has magical super powers when it comes to healing! She has a special way of reaching deep down to the core of your being and connecting to what your soul is craving and needing to let go of. She certainly is a master at her craft and has such a beautiful way of connecting with others. 
I always look forward to our sessions together and am blessed beyond measure to have crossed paths with such a spectacular soul".

Gloria Brooks -


"Melanie is the most gracious and intuitive person I have been blessed to know.  Sometimes just being open to ask a simple question can lead to great guidance in your life and if you are having a hard time hearing the answers, Melanie is like your mega phone. The messages that are available to you come loud and clear".

Celeste Frenette -


“I often refer to Melanie as the healer that healers go to. I trust her so whole-heartedly and am forever grateful for the support she has given me as I continue on my path in this life, for the healing and for her guidance. Melanie cares so deeply and is such a powerful and authentic healer and those are only a few of the things that I love about her".

©2017 by Melanie Huestis

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