collective magic

This is for you if you're looking for ongoing 1:1 support, a group of like-minded women, regular energy healing, and messages from your guides. It's my all-in-one membership that gives you everything you need ... for one low monthly payment. 

Are you craving deeper connection? Ready to facilitate big change in your life, but aren't sure where to start? Feel like there's no one in your life who actually gets you? Yearning for a place where you can get support on your healing journey and also just let it all hang out without being judged? Welcome to Collective Magic!


the awakened human project

This course is for you if you're ready to get really honest about where you are and what needs to change. It's about diving deep and uncovering the patterns and beliefs that have kept you stuck, afraid of being too loud, or too much.

Being human is hard. It's not that you're doing anything wrong ... it's that we've been expected to flourish in a body we know very little about, in a world that seems to be falling apart, with a soul's wisdom we feel disconnected from. This manifests in different ways for each of us, yet the underlying truth is that until we start to love ourselves fiercely, accept our situations freely, and start living our lives on purpose, nothing is going to change (or at least stick for long).


intuitive coaching session

This session is what you're looking for if you're feeling stuck and are not sure where to start, are looking for clarity on a certain topic, or are simply looking for some loving support from someone who gets it ... and your peeps on the other side.

We will meet online via Zoom for 60 mins to get clear on what you want & what is holding you back. We will examine your limiting beliefs, old stories and patterning to create a plan that empowers you to create tangible change in your life. You will receive loving advice, and practical tools based on everything from CBT, to tarot cards. Although gentle Reiki may be offered, this session does not include deep energy work.


soul healing session

This session is for you if you need deep, soul-shifting energy work. We will look at any energetic blocks holding you back, heal past life pattens, get to the bottom of unexplained trauma/pain, and basically shift anything that is not serving you.

This is the gold standard for healing emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physical blocks. There is no limit to where we will go and what we can heal in our 60 minutes together over Zoom ... other than what you are comfortable with. We will talk to your guides, connect with your soul, and dive deep to discover and heal your core wounds. We will open your chakras, ground your energy, and get clear on what your soul needs you to know.


intensive mentorship

Only consider this program if you are ready to do the hard work to facilitate major change in your life. This is not for the faint at heart or those who don't want to hear the absolute truth. I will challenge you and hold you accountable.

This three month mentorship is like having me hold your hand (and kick your ass) to help create massive shifts in your life and create a plan to keep things moving going forward. It includes healing, coaching, card reading, enrolment in my self-led courses, monthly membership, access to me via email, and even a personalized healing recording for you to listen to every single day. You will have total access to me and everything you could ever need to create the life you're craving.

self-led course

crazy train

This is the course for you if you are new to the spirit world and/or just opening up to exploring your own intuitive gifts. It's a great place to start if you're curious about what's out there and how you can use that energy to your advantage.

Crazy Train is all about building your own personal connection with Spirit and deepening into your own intuition & spiritual gifts, so that you can get clear on what is really going on, and even learn how to receive your own messages (and read for others). It’s a basic who-what-where-when-who of the spirit world.

self-led course

stay calm in a crazy world

If you are feeling constantly stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, this is the course for you! You don't need a lot of time, or any experience in order to benefit from the instantly settling techniques provided in these pre-recorded mini lessons.

Feeling anxious & a little out of control seems to be par for the course these days. It doesn't mean that you're flawed, it means that you're human and dealing with some big feelings about it all. However, just because it's to be expected, doesn't mean you have to accept stress as your new normal. Stay Calm in a Crazy World offers 40+ mini lessons on how to de-stress, calm down & find your centre amid the chaos. 

recorded healing

witch wound

This healing is for you if you are having a hard time speaking your truth, standing up for what you know is right (for you), or finding time to simply take care of yourself. If being a woman in any way is taxing ... start by clearing away the past.

A recorded healing & workshop to get to the root of fear around standing up and standing out. Dive deep into current beliefs, outside judgements, and release the imprint left behind. Clear your name and clear your soul to stand up AS YOU ARE.

©2017 by Melanie Huestis

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