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Witch Wound

A recorded healing & workshop to get to the root of fear around standing up and standing out. Dive deep into current beliefs, outside judgements, and release the imprint left behind. Clear your name and clear your soul to stand up AS YOU ARE.

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It's time to drop the stigma and crawl out of your cave to embrace the truth of who you are so that you can show up authentically, without fear, and shine your fucking light.

This workshop includes:

  • Pre-healing worksheet to prep you for the magic to come

  • Deep discussion around what it means to be a witch

  • Guided healing so you can take back your own incredible power

  • Recorded playback to dive deep again and again

  • Post-healing worksheet to help make sense of what shifted within you

  • Suggested activities to take the healing deeper

oh witchy one

stand in your power, witch

Are you ready to drop the stigma that lies in your bones? Are you ready to stand up and speak up to share your truth and start making a bigger difference in this world?

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