Transformation Package 2020

Face your truth

We start at the beginning, which is where you now stand, holding on to all those old stories that are no longer true.  We will work together to get really honest about what part of your life needs to change.  We look at childhood trauma, old patterning, past lives, limiting beliefs, generational wounds, physical pain, and so much more to finally figure out the why behind those things that just aren't working out the way that you deserve.


Accept where you are

Being truly ok with yourself and your flaws is an imperative step to learning to love who you are.  We don't need to fix you, you aren't broken... we simply need to see that all those things you keep hidden are actually part of your unique beauty and the key to unlocking your true potential.


Release what no longer serves you

Our bodies and our beliefs are amazing at keeping us safe and small and in a pattern that we are comfortable with.  In order to forge a new path and open up to amazing possibility, we need to let go of those old stories, and what has worked (or not) in the past.  It's time to make room for better things to come in.


Call in your dreams

We will get clear on what you want.  And not in the everyone-else-seems-to-want-that-so-i-should-too kind of way.  We dig deep to figure out exactly the life/feelings/reality that you want to create and put together a plan to make it happen.  If you are wishy washy about what is best for you going forward, you're going to have one hell of a time calling it in.  Let's get clear.


Enjoy a whole new way of being

Finally you have healed and shifted and created a new path and a new vibration that is amazing.  We may need to fine tune what isn't working, do some preventative healing to keep you in flow, and tackle any new issues that may come up (we are living a human life, after all).  We will continue to meet so that you feel totally supported and confident in moving forward in a whole new way.

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it's a partnership


We will meet once a month, online via Zoom to create a safe and sacred space to connect.  Sessions can include counselling, energy healing, messages from your guides, mentorship of your personal gifts, past life exploration, practical next steps, and a whole lot of unwavering love and support.  I tune into your energy, the energy around you, and all of your spirit helpers to create an individual healing experience that fully supports your long term goals and soothes your soul on multiple levels.  We laugh, we cry, and we push on through to ensure that you are breaking through the barriers that stand between you and a life you're excited to live and share with others (and this may include a loving kick in the aura from time to time).  I meet you where you are and I guide you to where you want to be, one spiritual step at a time.


encompass the year ahead

Included with your package, is the brand new encompass tarot forecast for 2020. It will outline your entire year ahead, and even a little sneak peek of what your future holds even further than that.  I will read the ups and the downs, the light and the dark, and encompass all that may pass in this transformative upcoming year.  It's a new year, a new decade, and a fresh start to calling in what you desire by learning to work with the energies around you.  This tarot and oracle reading is a great way to ground in and get ready for the amazing work we will be doing together.


extra discount

As a bonus this year, you will receive a personalized coupon code for 10% off any additional sessions or services you use for the entire year!  Some people like to meet more frequently than once a month, or maybe you want to gift a session to someone you would love to see supported.  Either way, all you have to do is book any session or reading you like, enter your code, and instantly receive your discount.  Just like there is no limit to how much we can achieve together in one year... there is no limit to how often you use your code.  It's my little way of saying thanks. 


12 private healing & mentorship sessions online with me & your guides (60 mins)


a full 2020 tarot spread to give you guidance & insight for the year ahead, month by month


if you choose to purchase any additional sessions or readings this year, you get an extra 10% off


an entire year of love & support to keep you accountable and on track to manifesting your dreams

$2699 cad + HST


This year of healing, guidance, and support can be truly life changing if you are ready to do the work (and trust me, I will hold you accountable for your part) .  If you are ready to be empowered, finally let go of the blocks that been holding you back, and open up to a lighter, more fluid way of living your life... this package it for you.  But don't take my word for it.  


Big deep breath, hand over heart, and ask yourself... Is this for me?  Your first step in transformation is to trust the answer you get.

If you have any questions not answered here, or you are not quite sure if you are ready to take the leap, feel free to email me at (or use the form on my connect page) and we can talk it out.  I also offer a payment plan if needed.


©2017 by Melanie Huestis

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