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Being human is hard. It's not that you're doing anything wrong ... it's that we've been expected to flourish in a body we know very little about, in a world that seems to be falling apart, with a soul's wisdom we feel disconnected from. Am I right? 


This manifests in different ways for each of us, yet the underlying truth is that until we start to love ourselves fiercely, accept our situations freely, and start living our lives FOR OURSELVES on purpose, nothing is going to change (or at least stick for long).


✨ I'm overwhelmed with everything that's happening to me

✨ I am craving big change but don't know where to start

✨ I'm doing everything right ...yet nothing is sticking

✨ I crave authentic connection but feel like no-one really gets me

 ✨ I have so much to be grateful for yet I still feel sad a lot of the time


I see you. I was you.

I used to feel anxious all of the time. On the outside, my life looked great and I certainly didn't have anything to complain about (I mean so many other people had it worse). I had a big house, a committed partner, healthy kids, and a business to boot. Yet I was pushing aside my own needs and desires because I didn't feel I had the permission to complain, or was worthy of the inconvenience it would surely cause those around me. I felt everything too deeply and had no idea what to do with all the big fucking feelings that were slowly suffocating me.

So what changed?

 I unapologetically put my needs first 

 I accepted the truth of who I was and why I was there 

 I started to connect to my soul in new ways and trust that she knew best 

 I dropped the judgement and opened up to being who I was meant to be 

 I loved myself 

Now I am confident in who I am & trust my intuition freely.  I feel connected to my soul yet love being a human more than anything (even with all the craziness going on in the world!  I have honest relationships, authentic connections, and have created a life that I love.  It all started with a decade (or two) of learning psychology, testing somatic theory, connecting with Spirit, cognitive behavioural therapy, a few energy healing modalities, and a whole lot of trial and error. The good news is that I've figured it out, and can save you the time and trauma (yes, trauma) of figuring it all out for yourself. The truth is that until you become confident who you are ... you will not be able to show up authentically. Your purpose and ability to make big change in the world hinge upon your authenticity.

More clarity. More purpose. More joy. Authentically you. I have limited spots available ... is one of them yours?

humaning is hard
you matter.

Perhaps you aren't really happy wearing 10 year old undies and you want to feel confident and worthy of a little hot pink lace. You're tired of hustling, of trying to do it all because that's what you're supposed to want, even though it leaves you running on empty both emotionally and physically. You're tired of worrying it's not enough, that even giving 100%, you are not creating the change you want and know you are capable of. You want to sit in trust, guided by your gut, knowing that no matter what happens, you've got this ... yet the answers don't seem to come. You crave connected and authentic relationships with your partner, your kids, yourself ... and you want to experience more purpose and joy in the everyday moments because you know they're passing you by.

Introducing ... the awakened human project


Your guide to regaining clarity, building confidence & rooting into trust, so you can reconnect with your truth and start living your life on purpose. This course will help you to:

 Love yourself enough to facilitate real change 

 Take stock of what matters - get clear in what you want & how to get it 

 Have the confidence to know that you are needed in this world 

 Trust that you are on track and ready to live your soul's true purpose 

 Stand taller knowing your worth in love, life, and biz 


Can you imagine a world where we all come first? You can be that change. 

you've got this!

modules & lessons

module one

feeling your emotions

facing your truth

releasing validation


accepting what is to call more joy in to every aspect of your life

module two

cord cutting

clearing the shiz

deep healing

human stuff

releasing what is not yours to facilitate the perfect vibe for truly loving yourself

module three

your birthright

people pleasing


be the change

living your life on purpose to create more time & space for what you really want

module four

what do you really want

using your intuition

being authentic

pain vs suffering

learning to tune into your soul's voice to create clarity and meaningful change

module five

goal setting

judgement & discernment

mindset like a mofo

being open to help

becoming confident in who you are so that you can find peace in every decision

module six

affirmations & gratitude

wrong decisions

building trust

dealing with setbacks

lean in to acceptance of what is, stepping into flow & way less stress in your life

bonus course

Stay Calm in a Crazy World - 40 mini lessons to help you stay calm, cool & collected

Totally free as my gift to you for putting yourself (and your healing) first


slower weeks to integrate, including

webinars, healing & support

allowing you to take your time and dive deep so that you can start feeling the change now

Which option is best for you?

IMG_0400 2.JPG

what's included

  10 weeks of soul shifting support

✨ full access to 50+ video lessons

✨ personal support in private forum 

✨ deeper dives on important topics

✨ 3 recorded energy healing sessions

magical bonuses

lifetime access to course material

✨ free access to my Stay Calm course

✨ payment plan available

fully supported

what's included

everything in personal pkg plus ...

✨ 6 biweekly private alchemy sessions

✨ full access to all my courses

✨ 3 months access to Collective Magic

✨ ongoing email support for 12 weeks

magical bonuses

lifetime access to course material 

✨ custom curated healing kit

✨ payment plan available

I'm curious ...
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what past students are saying:


"I signed up for this course at the end of February 2020. Shortly after, the pandemic hit and let me tell you -- it was my saving grace during the craziest of times. I loved how interactive the course was and how I felt supported throughout. I'm also a huge fan of the fact that I can revisit the video modules when I need a reminder/wake up call. Because this work is never done, having a resource like this to revisit is the best spiritual tool kit to turn to. Highly recommended if you need a spiritual pick me up".

Vanessa Fioretti

"The Awakened Human Project was great on so many levels.  I left the program with a better understanding of myself.  I'm much more aware of my energy and the energy around me.  The program provided me with tools to recalibrate and ground myself.  I'm more tuned into myself than I was when I started.  I really appreciated the down to earth approach Melanie takes to all things.  She is an amazing teacher with so much to offer and a super big heart".

Carly Wood

"Thank you Melanie for offering this course. I feel like this is a framework for personal evolution. The practices and strategies were clearly and lovingly shared. I felt completely supported through the entire course by both the private Facebook group to share thoughts, progress and ask questions as well as the weekly teaching or healing zoom calls. Looking forward to future courses offered by you. Thank you".

Wendy Bonnell

"This was the best thing I did for myself in 2020. I can't tell you the incredible impact it had on me. Melanie is one of the team that have supported me, and now a friend. If you're feeling called for some extra and beyond support - please invest in yourself.".

Erin McDonald

"Such an incredible course.  I've always thought wouldn't it be great if we as human beings came with an instruction manual, and now I think I've found it.  There's a certain magic that happens when a group of women come together, and Melanie created a wonderful space for so much love, joy and healing.  The course was well paced with lots of time for integration and the videos were just the right length to be meaningful but not overwhelming.  Thank you for such a wonderful experience".

Karen Schmidt

 "All humans need to take this! The course offers so many tangible tools to dig into who you are at your core as a human to live a more fulfilled life. It’s makes what is heavy work lighter and fun. And Melanie offers live energy healing sessions too, during the course to support the journey".

Mel Dodge

what can you expect?

Outcomes will vary from person to person because what you get out of this course will depend entirely on what you put in. This is a partnership of healing that relies on your readiness to be honest, show up authentically, and do the hard work. I can hold your hand and show you the way... but the rest is up to you. A few possible outcomes are:

 Feeling lighter in your day to day routine 

 Having clarity on who you are and what you want to accomplish in life 

 Connecting with your soul on a deeper level to find purpose in everything 

 Knowing you are worthy and having confidence in setting healthy boundaries 

 Feeling connected and present in your personal relationships ​

 Understanding your own energy and how to manage it to feel grounded and secure 

 Trusting in your own ability to manifest big magic in your life 


You may feel a gentle shift in how you view the world (and yourself), you may find that your entire life shifts to a higher vibrational trajectory, or every other possibility in between. I can't promise any one result, but I can guarantee that if you commit to making yourself a priority for the full 10 weeks (and beyond), there is no limit to the positive changes that can occur for you in your life.

start living life on purpose!


This course is currently only available as part of the gold level membership in THE alchemy LAB. Click the button below to join and get access to this course (and all my other ones) for FREE.

Clarity, purpose, confidence & a deeper self love than you've ever known are waiting for you ...

If you have any questions not answered above, send me an email at

What within you is ready to be awakened?

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