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All card readings are done remotely so there is no need for you to be available at the time of your

appointment. I will connect with your energy and your guides to create a custom spread just for you.  

At some point that day, you will receive an email outlining what cards came forward, any messages from your

guides, and a picture (or more) of the layout.  I do not do live tarot readings at this time.  

encompass 2020

$199 (plus HST)

4 decks, 12 months, 28 cards... Encompass 2020 is your complete tarot & oracle forecast for the entire year ahead.  Using The Wild Unknown, Crystal Unicorn Tarot, Spirit Cats, and Vessel a spread like no other will be created.  You will receive information about each and every month (what to expect and what to look out for), as well as an overview of the decade ahead.  You will be shown what to let go of, how to show up, and what to call in in order to make 2020 your best year yet.  Includes 15 pictures and a detailed printout for you to refer to again and again.  

the whole shebang

$125 (plus HST)

This intuitive reading is custom tailored to what you need and what you need to know to heal.  I will connect to both your energy, and Spirit to pick the best deck and spread to clearly bring your information forward.    You can send me specific questions, or simply open up to Divine guidance and see where the cards take us.  You will then receive an email outlining what cards came up, how they pertain to you, and specific messages from your guides on how to help you move forward in amazing ways.  This is not a live reading, but many prefer it because you have a detailed account of your session to refer to going forward.  

the situation

$65 (plus HST)

This three card (past, present, future) card reading is based on any one situation of your choosing.  I will ask to be guided to pick a deck for you and then will pull three cards and ask for guidance around the situation.  You will receive an email when I am done (with picture) outlining the cards that were chosen and any messages/information that came through for you.  

the one and only

$25 (plus HST)

Simply put, this is a one card pull from me to you.  I will intuitively pick a deck and pull a card for you around any one question (please include this in your booking).  You will receive an email outlining the card and any guidance that came through for you.  You will also receive a picture of your card.  

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Oh girl.  The force is strong with you.  I gave you very little to go on and you've mentioned key things there's no way you could have known.  Thank you for shining light on what I needed illuminated.  

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