Mentorship sessions are done live (via Zoom) and card readings can be either live or remote.

Please make sure you book the correct session for your needs. With remote card readings you will

receive an email outlining what cards came forward, any messages from your

guides, and a picture (or more) of the layout at some point during the day of your booking.

mentorship session

$227 (tax included)

In this live consult we will meet via Zoom to connect to your energy and your guides. We will dive into your own personal gifts and how you can increase your intuition to call beautiful change into your life. We can ask your guides for insight, create a new plan to move forward, or even help shine a light on your own life's purpose! There is no limit to what we discuss or who may show up to help. You have my expertise and Spirit's information at hand for the entire 60 minutes. Please note that no energy healing will be done as this session is for informational purposes only.

live card reading

$227 (tax included)

This intuitive reading is custom tailored to what you need and what you ask when we connect live via Zoom. Using an oracle deck chosen by you (or guided by Spirit) we will talk about where you are and what you need to know to shift your life. Cards will be pulled to lead us in the right direction, however most of the info you receive will be intuited by me, from your spiritual peeps on the other side and from your own soul's energy. There will be lots of time for you to ask questions and take notes during this 60 minute session, so no email summary will be provided. If you want a full overview, I suggest booking a remote card reading. 

remote card reading

$167 (tax included)

​This intuitive reading is custom tailored to what you need and what you need to know to heal.  I will connect to both your energy, and Spirit to pick the best deck and spread to clearly bring your information forward.    You can send me specific questions, or simply open up to Divine guidance and see where the cards take us.  You will then receive an email outlining what cards came up, how they pertain to you, and specific messages from your guides on how to help you move forward in amazing ways.  This is not a live reading, but many prefer it because you have a detailed account of your session to refer to going forward.  

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Oh girl.  The force is strong with you.  I gave you very little to go on and you've mentioned key things there's no way you could have known.  Thank you for shining light on what I needed illuminated.  

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