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Feeling stuck?


Rinse & Repeat is a de-greaser for your soul. Use it to get unstuck from limiting beliefs, long-held patterns, and subconscious self-sabotage. It can help with negative self talk, seemingly irrational fears, deeply ingrained patterns and all of those mysterious symptoms that no one can find an explanation for (think physical ailments that have no physical cause).


This audio recording (15-20 mins in length) is intended to be used repeatedly to gently help you shift your vibe, release old patterning, and/or heal deep wounds - and is done specifically for you based on any one focus/issue of your choosing. 


Listen to it daily - or as often as you like - to slowly shift the energy within your mind/body/soul. You can even listen to it while sleeping and it will have the same effect (which of course varies from person to person, and cannot be guaranteed).


It’s gentle enough for your kids, yet powerful enough for your deepest wounds - if you are open to it. It uses energy alchemy and repetition to re-wire your brain, clear energetic ties, loosen blocks, and give yourself a soul-level scrub.

Once purchased, email me with your preferred focus (I will do a general healing if I don't hear from you), and I will tune in, create the healing, and make you a recording that will be emailed to you within 2 weeks (often much sooner than that). 

Please ask any questions before purchasing, as no refunds will be given on shop orders. Thank you!


Are you ready for change? Order your personalized healing now.

Rinse & Repeat: personal healing recording

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