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Unlock Your Energy Potential: 6 Essential Steps to Create Clarity and Calm in Your Life

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Unlock Your Energy Potential: 6 Essential Steps to Create Clarity and Calm in Your Life

Everything is energy - your thoughts, your body, your partner, your home. Everything you experience is an energetic expression that bumps up against you and affects you, sometimes in some pretty big ways. Keep reading to unlock your energy potential to create and clarity and calm in your life.

Many of the clients I work with have energy problems. Most of the people on the planet - in my opinion - have energy problems. The interesting thing is, that more times than not, the energy causing the issues (mental illness, physical complaints, feeling stuck, relationship problems, etc.) isn't even yours! Instead, it's an energetic imprint (or pattern) you've picked up from someone/something along the way that settled in and stuck.

In order to find balance, gain clarity, and create a sense of calm, you must create (and stick with) a balanced energy practice. Through these 6 essential steps, you can unlock your energy to call potent healing and harmony into your life.

Clearing: It doesn't matter how you do it, just that it gets done. There are limitless ways to use sound, movement, and even intention to release what isnt' yours.

Grounding: Connecting to the earth is instantly calming and can help to regulate your system. It can be as simple as stepping outside, or eating a root veggie.

Embodiment: Being in your body can be uncomfortable, and many people leave it without even realizing it. Learning how to feel safe in your body can be a total energy game changer!

Intuition: Lean into your gut feelings and follow them whenever you can. Start small and build up to more important decisions, knowing that you really can't mess it up!

Protection: There is a lot of yucky energy out there right now and protecting yourself from picking it up (through expanding your own energy) is the easiest way to keep yourself clear and calm.

Connection: Call on your guides - through journaling, meditation, or tarot - to gain valuable insight on what is needed for you to settle into flow and unlock your potent energy potential!

These energy steps really are as simple as it gets, but they need to be done daily in order to get you (and keep you) feeling your best. This is not a one-size-fits-all situation, so play around with what works for you. The key is to set your intention, trust that you have everything you need, and give it a go.

If you want some deeper support around figuring this energy stuff out, and want to create your own sacred daily practice, check out my Energy Matters course by clicking the button below ... and use the code LOVELETTER to get 50% off as my little energy gift to you.

Have questions? Reach out to me at and I'll do my best to help.


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