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The 5 Ws (and 1 H) of Energy Clearing

Keeping our energy clear is one of the biggest challenges that us sensitives, empaths, and (even) regulars have in an ever increasingly chaotic global environment. I talk about it a lot. Other people talk about it a lot. It's really important... but what the hell does it actually mean? Grab yourself a tea (or coffee, or vodka) and let's dive into the basics of energy clearing.


Energy clearing is a simple practice that helps to remove energy that does not belong to you from your body and aura. Every time we interact with another person or energy, we unknowingly create attachments that act as channels for their energy to glom on and stick to us. This can be fantastic if the energy is high vibe and sunshiny... but not so great when it's low vibe and icky.


Other people's energy can drain us, even when it feels good, because frankly it does not belong to us. We already have to deal with our own challenges, emotions, and problems throughout the day, and adding someone else's energy to this load is the spiritual equivalent of carrying a suitcase around for every single person you interact with. These suitcases are invisible, and may not feel too heavy at first. But after a day or two of lugging them around, you may start to wonder why your back is hurting, your stomach is cramping, or you're feeling more than a little emotional.


You, that's who. You, and your coworker, and that guy who winked at you in the elevator this morning all need to clear on the regular. Anyone who is made up of energy (and yes, that is all of us) can benefit from keeping their energy clear.


The good news is, you can clear your energy and get an instant boost anywhere and anytime of the day. There are a myriad of ways to clear yourself and most can be done quickly and subtly so that even the lady in line behind you at lunch will have no idea what you are doing.


I clear my energy several times per day, but I also pick up a lot in my line of work. You can clear yourself when you start to feel heavy or emotionally off, or after a particularly intense event if that feels good. However, in order to feel your best and keep clear going forward, getting into the habit of clearing your energy at least once per day is ideal.


Take a few deep breaths and imagine a bright white light dissolving any energy that isn't yours. Carry a citrine crystal around in your pocket (or bra, if you're more like me) to help prevent energy from sticking in the first place. Use some form of clearing smoke (like sage, lavender, or tobacco) to gently cleanse your aura. Have a dance party (Meredith Grey style) to shake off anything that doesn't belong to you. Or simply ask your angels/guides to clear you. There are as many ways to do this as there are people on the planet, so try out a few different ways until you find the one that's right for you.

I know this may sound silly to some, but keeping your energy clear can really help you feel amazing and stay in flow, even when the world around you is seemingly falling apart. You can retain your composure in stressful situations, keep calm in the face of of complaining kids at bedtime (but I'm thirsty....), and even find more joy in the everyday. Give it a shot, keep an open mind, and get ready to feel more high vibe than a cat wearing a unicorn costume.


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