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Honouring Your Truth

Honouring your truth can show up in a myriad of ways in your life. It can mean leaving a longterm relationship even though you love them dearly. It can look like walking away from a high paying job because it isn't speaking to your soul any longer (or maybe never did). It can also show up and letting your grey hair (and belly) hang out in plain sight for everyone to see.

You may get excited at the thought of changing everything, or it may make you want to vomit (if you're anything like me). So it's important to note that not all honouring has to be hard. It doesn't have to be big or scary or really change all that much in your life (at least at the beginning). In fact, I have found that the best way to lead an authentic life that truly honours the call of my soul, is to do so in itty bitty steps that feel manageable and somewhat safe. Taking a stand is much, much easier when you're not shaking in your boots, and below I'll share a few of the things you can start doing right now, to build strength and lessen fear about honouring your truth.

1. Learn to say no.

Saying no is difficult for many, but it's the simplest place to start. Say no to your daughter who wants you to deliver her forgotten homework to school. Say no to your friend who wants to have drinks for the fourth time this week. Say no to the cashier who asks you if you want the deal of the week. Hell, you can even say no to your dog who wants a treat for chewing up your slippers. It doesn't matter where you say it, or to whom. What matters is that you start.

2. Create clear boundaries.

This is the perfect time of year for you to create a new way of showing up that honours your time, energy, and yes, your soul. Figure out what lights you up and what really drains your energy, and then come up with a plan that manages both. You may upset a family member (or twelve) but remember that by honouring your own limits, you are also giving others permission to do the same. You may even find that some people are actually relieved when you set a new boundary, because they have been craving the same for themselves. What a gift!

3. Up your self care game.

Tune into your body on the regular and notice when you need to rest. Notice what foods/activities make you feel good, and which make you want to curl up in a ball and cry. Pay attention to those little nudges (intuition) telling you who to avoid and who to invite over. All of these things will help you manage your energy and honour your commitment to doing what is right for you. Throw in a mani/pedi too if that's your thing, but make sure that you are really listening to the messages your body and soul are giving you.

4. Make some decisions.

A huge part of stress in our lives comes from uncompleted tasks... those "to dos" still on the list, looming over you and that rum & eggnog you're trying to enjoy. Every single decision you make creates more space, and a feeling of accomplishment which tends to give us an energetic boost. The key here is to not worry about making the right decision, just make one and let it go. Every decision we make will bring us closer to our true purpose in life (even if they are not the best ones we've ever made), if we can manage to let go of outcome and be open to positive change.

5. Be unapologetically you.

So you're the black sheep in the family? The weird one? Or the quiet one who always does what everybody else wants? Whatever your thing (and we all have a thing), the parts of you that you think make you unlovable and strange are the exact things that make you uniquely and beautifully you. The only way to attract the perfect people for you into your life, is by showing up with all the weird hanging out and let that serve as a calling card to those who will love you as you are. A little bit scary, yes... but 100% successful if you can brave standing alone long enough for them to find you.

Now each one of these points (and more) could serve as a post (or three month course) all on their own. But in the spirit of the holidays and the shocking lack of time that seems to accompany them, I am keeping it short and sweet. Sit with each point and ask how you can start honouring yourself and your needs just a little bit more, and then let your soul guide you to what is next. You have the answers inside of you, and it's time to get really quiet, listen hard, and honour them as they come.


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