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6 Spiritual Steps to Start Your Day (and help get you unstuck)

* artwork borrowed, with gratitude, from Tiny Buddha

It takes a lot of hard work and self examination to get to a place of truly being in flow and happy in your life. Sometimes we get stuck along the way and find it difficult to know what to do next, especially when it feels like nothing is working. My best advice is to establish a spiritual routine to get your day started in a high vibe fashion that makes literally everything else that follows that much easier.

1. Clear your energy

Every time we interact with someone we pick up some of their energy. It may be a sloppy kiss from your dog, a fight you had with your partner, or that lady in front of you at the grocery store who would not stop complaining. It's totally normal, and nothing to worry about as long as you remember to clear it all off every once in a while. Better yet, do it every morning to start your day with a lightened energetic load and a clearer outlook. You can use sea salt in the shower, do a little dance to shake it off, or simply ask your guides to clear you. It really doesn't matter how you do it, it's more about the intention to release what isn't yours.

2. Sit in gratitude

I know you probably hear about this one a lot, and there's a good reason for that. Taking a few minutes to be thankful is a real game changer. Make a mental list of what you are most grateful for in the moment, write down what amazing things happened to you the day before, think about what you are excited about in your life, or call someone you care about just to say "hi". The simple action of sitting in gratitude each morning raises your vibration so that you will feel happier, and attract even more things to be grateful for throughout the day.

3. Expand your power

It's easier to pick up icky vibes from those around you if you leave space for it to stick. Wanting to help others, putting yourself last, and never saying no create weak energetic boundaries that allow others to dump their energy on you (often without realizing it). The simplest way to avoid this is to expand your own energy out so that there's no room left for anyone else's. Try putting your hand on your belly and envision a golden yellow ball of light. Breathe deeply for a minute or two, imagining this energy expanding out further and further as you do. Sit in the comfort of your own energy until you feel calm, centred, and ready to start your day.

4. Ground your energy

Grounding (or connecting to Mother Earth) is the quickest way to feel less stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Now who doesn't want more peace and calm? Simply place your feet on the ground and pull your energy down into the earth (some like to envision roots growing out of the bottom of their feet) until you feel a connection. Ask Mother Earth to take any stress you've been carrying and then request the perfect grounding energy for you to flood your body in return. It only takes a minute and the calming effects can last long into your day. Remember to thank Her before moving on.

5. Set your intentions

It's pretty damn hard to accomplish your goals when you haven't even set them. It's also overwhelming to manage all the details of longterm goals on the daily. No wonder you're so pooped! It's very important to set daily intentions for what you want to accomplish (or how you want to feel) so that you can focus on what's important in the now. Some days you may set a goal of attracting 12 new clients, or finishing your business proposal... while others simply getting through the day in peace may be all you can manage. It's all good. The important part is setting smaller goals that you can stay present with and feel good about going forward.

6. Trust you are supported

Trust is something that most of us struggle with, but it really is worth the stretch. Maybe you've done all of this before and it just didn't work. Perhaps you are putting in 100% effort and those around you are failing you. You've tried and tried and tried and you just don't want to try anymore. I've been there. But you know what? Things always have a way of shifting when they need too and the best way to not get stuck is to trust. Trust that things are happening for you. Trust that this little spiritual practice is slowly helping you make gains. Trust that you have everything you need within you to make it work this time. Keep showing up, keep doing the work, and keep trusting.

I understand that these six little steps may not evaporate your problems or instantly manifest that yacht you've been dreaming about... but they really can change your life. They set a healthy routine to keep you in flow, to keep you curious about what is next. You will feel more in control of your own situation, and more powerful to help others without depleting yourself. Your vibration will be higher on a spiritual level which greatly improves outlook, even on those days you can't quite make it out of bed. Want to get unstuck? These six spiritual steps are a great place to start.


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