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5 Tips for Finding Energetic Balance

We've been talking about embracing the dark, and calling in the good. It's all a part of a healing journey but sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming knowing when to act, when to pull back, and when to ask for help. There is no one way to find that harmony in your life, just like there is no one way to facilitate healing. But there are a few tried and true (at least by me) tips that can help you learn to find your own answers around what is in energetic balance for you.

1. Practice using your intuition

We all have the ability to tune in and find out what the heck our soul wants us to know. There is a Divine plan in place, and you (yes you) are capable of figuring it out. The only catch is that you need to work at it. The more you practice, the better your intuition gets, the more likely you are to trust it, and the more information you will receive. Start small and try things like tuning into your body for food choices, asking your guides to lead you in picking out your outfit for the day, or simply trusting that gut feeling that going to the party this weekend may not be the best idea.

2. Cutdown on interference

Reading energy is challenging because the messages are, for the most part, subtle. Imagine trying to hear someone whispering to you from across the room, and then add in loud music playing, the neighbour's dog barking, and the oven timer going off. Not gonna happen, right? Well, it's the same with energy. The more you can tune out the unnecessary, the louder your messages will become. Stop asking your BFF what she thinks you should do. Stop googling what the experts recommend. Do not engage with your mother when she tells you she knows what is best. Bottom line, get really quiet and listen to what your own wisdom is telling you.

3. Be in the moment

Right here, right now is what matters when you are trying to find balance and harmony. Yesterday may have sucked, but that doesn't matter if you are in the now. Tomorrow is likely going to be stressful but worrying about it now will only wreck the present. It's a simple concept to explain, and an almost impossible task, to simply be focused on what is happening in the now. However, it is worth the effort. Being present (or mindful) frees up time for intuitive practice, lets you tune in to what is necessary first, and trust me when I tell you that your joy experience will most definitely skyrocket once you master this task.

4. Focus on feelings

As humans, we love to be all up in our heads. We like to think things over, ruminate on options, and talk about it 'till the spiritual cows come home. Guess what? Thoughts are not necessarily true. Emotions always are. The only way you are going to start getting the info you need and creating balance in your life, is by tuning into the vast pool of knowledge that are your emotions. The key here is to not judge. Do not try to explain or figure out why you are feeling the feels at any given moment. When they come up, acknowledge their presence, thank them for showing up, and sit with 'em for as long as they want to stay. Yes, this is often inconvenient, but it is 100% necessary to figuring out what feels best for you and what needs to be done at any given time.

5. Create space

Practicing using your intuition, cutting down on noise, staying in the moment, and focusing on your feelings all take up a lot of time. Like your to do list wasn't long enough already, am I right? See this is where we cut out anyone who is not committed to move on up in vibration (zero judgement here, we are all ready when we're ready). You need to create the space (time wise, physically, mentally, childcare-ly) to be in your own damn energy long enough for it to click. You need to do it daily. You need to say no to other obligations and start routinely saying yes to you. Ask for help, hire a babysitter, drop that second job, and stop watching so much Netflix. The truth is that healing is all about priorities and until you put your healing as a very serious top one, things just aren't gonna change.

I know it may seem so easy for others and that this is a serious challenge for you, but trust me when I say it's a freaking near impossible to manage on a regular basis for most. We have lives to live, bills to pay, dogs to walk, and obligations too fulfil. I get it. I also get how different and balanced and harmoniously blissful it can be... once you do the work and commit to keep on doing it going forward. So saddle up, set your intentions, create that space, and join me a little later in the month for a live chat where we can hash the rest of it out together.


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