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Intuitive Cuddle

$100 (plus HST)

An intuitive cuddle is a cross between a consult and a huddle with me and all of your helpers from the other side.  During this half hour session we will connect via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom to discuss any problems or questions you have around making a big decision, moving forward in your healing, or getting clarity on next steps.  These sessions tend to be light-hearted and fun and do not include any energy work. Although loved ones may show up to say hello, this is not the focus of these sessions and is in no way guaranteed.  

mentorship session

$180 (plus HST)

During these sessions, we will work together with your spirit guides and helpers to crack open your own intuition and abilities. Together we will create a safe place for you to explore, experiment, and ask questions all about energy, healing, otherworldly beings, the difference between dark & light, how to connect, and so much more.  What we discuss is only limited by your curiosity and eagerness to learn. Although these sessions can facilitate self-healing and shifts, they do not include any energy work and are intended more for guidance.  

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