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True healing - the kind that sticks - doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Saying your affirmations, looking on the bright side, and stuffing crystals into your bra isn’t enough on its own. True healing happens through facing your shadows, accepting where you’re at, and allowing yourself to be truly seen & supported. 

I see you doing the work, doing your best, yet still feeling like something is missing. It may be a lack of time, chronic illness, the inability to say “no”, a lack of trust in your intuition, a quiet niggling in your belly that tells you there’s more, too many responsibilities, ongoing stress … or simply feeling stuck and not knowing what to do next.

Whatever the reason, the cure is the same: creating a safe place to explore your truth, and finding a loving guide that can help. I can offer you both.

When you are ready to take the next step, to soften into who you are and uncover who you’re meant to be … I invite you to  join me in Collective Magic. I’ve lived through a lot, tried many things, and have a wealth of experience (and education) on how to help you move into a more authentic & joyful way of life. Anyone who knows me will attest, I’m brutally honest, swear too much, and want nothing more than to help you heal. 

Your soul sisters await you. Now is your time. Let’s make magic together. 

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Magical bonuses ...

Personal intuitive coaching around all things energy

A safe place to ask questions, connect & have fun

Spiritual insights to facilitate real change in your life

Live spiritwork tutorials to help you dive deep into your own practice & knowing

Sacred community with a group of open-minded, big-hearted, magical women

Monthly intention setting to help you gain clarity on what you want to call in

Deep energy healing, live, with a different focus each month

Interactive worksheets to prompt deeper exploration of your thoughts & beliefs

1:1 support in private forums (no social media & no censorship) ... anything goes!

Safe place for you to explore your wounding & share your successes (it's all important)

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Access to all previous healing & teaching recordings  (including Witch Wound)

Backstage pass to my own healing adventures (I do it so you don't have to)!

Finding your way back to yourself with the love & support you've always deserved


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All this for only

per month (inc tax)

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A little client love

(about working with me in a group setting) ...

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"I felt

completely supported the entire time".

"Your loving advice and counsel is life changing".

"It makes what

is heavy

work lighter

and fun".

"I have felt the clearest in ... actually, ever. Thank you".

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I'm afraid I'll get lost in the shuffle.

You don't have to worry about this. Why? Because it's my job and why you pay me. I will be on the lookout for any new comments or questions and I take it upon myself to answer them all personally ... and in pretty short time too. The bonus is that you often get the love and support of the other ladies in the group too. Trust me when I say you won't get lost ... unless you want to.

Sounds great, but I need personal support.

I do too! We all need personal support because this healing journey is hard! Although your questions are posted in the group, the support you receive from me is personalized to your needs and what your guides are telling me. I offer up suggestions to help you heal and shift that is specific to you and where you are .... it's just super awesome that other people on similar journeys get to benefit from it as well. 

I'm not comfortable sharing in front of others.

I hear you. Many people aren't. But being vulnerable and stepping outside of your comfort zone is something that is necessary for you to reclaim your power, heal on a soul level, and call in success in this lifetime. The key is that this is a safe place to practice doing that - before you need to go out into the world! Those of us in the group have either been there before (or are still working on it) so you will be met with compassion, understanding, and grace while you gently stretch yourself to grow.

This stuff is kinda basic for how magical I am.

YAY you! I believe that we are all magical and I get as much (if not more) out of the group than I give. Why you ask? Because even the most evolved and spiritually experienced of us all can benefit from regular reminders (this is a practice after all) and the beautiful camaraderie of others walking a similar path - even if we are all at different checkpoints.

I think I'll just book a private session instead.

I hear you. Private sessions are awesome and I've spent over a decade doing them. What I found was the same questions, patterns & needs kept coming up and I was spending the bulk of my time revisiting the same healing principles & practices. That, added to the incredible healing shifts I was witnessing in my group sessions, birthed the idea that I can help more people and facilitate greater change by showing up in one, sacred space: Collective Magic.

Still on the fence?

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Wanna make some magic?

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There's no better place to be, than in the muck together. Humaning is hard and no one ought to do it alone. I welcome you to join me in sharing the ups and downs of healing together, as we make our own magic in this world. I walk my talk, I do the work, and I know how fucking hard it can be. That's why I'm a straight-up, badass guide who can hold your hand and lead the way. Whether you are a seasoned witch, a curious cat, or a big-hearted woman who just needs a (virtual) hug ... you are welcome here.

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