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The urban dictionary defines "high vibe" as The state of joy one achieves when a person's actions and beliefs are aligned and all the pieces of their life have integrity and love at its core. I couldn't agree more. Being high vibe is not about being sunshiny and happy all the time ... it's about embracing where you're at, showing up with a positive attitude, and celebrating the little things (without denying that sometimes things just suck).

After a rough few years, many of us have become mired in the mess and feeling heavy/tired/done a whole lot of the time. Meh has become our normal state and we've honestly forgotten just how fun life can be. So if you're ready to drop the struggle and yearn for more than simply getting through ... HIGH VIBE is for you.

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HIGH VIBE is a 21 day exploration of joy. It's about finding the happy in where you are now, and creating even more of it in what's yet to come. We will talk about gratitude, presence, intuition, alignment, connection, trust, and a whole lot more. Each day you will receive an email outlining the day's topic (with a few days off for integration), a video lesson with yours truly, and supplemental supports (like card readings, exercises & prompts) to help you find your own high vibe. Since you get all the goods straight into your inbox, you can work through the material at your own pace, and return to the lessons again and again.​

We will meet live on Zoom every Monday at 7pm ET, to explore deeper topics and to receive individual support (yes, recordings will be provided). We'll talk about why belief systems are so important, dive into some deep energy healing together, and even discuss what to do when your spiritual evolution is affecting your relationships. You can ask any questions and pick my brain on how best to shift your energy. You'll have access to quizzes, thought-provoking questions (aka high vibe explorations), and will even get a special discount if you want to keep exploring this work once the course is complete.

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This shift towards happy starts with you, and the vibe you choose to bring to the world. You can't wait on the world to change (or any one person/situation either) if you want to experience alignment now. The beautiful thing about this work, is that when you start to change yourself, everything else typically follows suit. When you show up HIGH VIBE to your life, you'll experience things in a new way. Not everything will be perfect, and you won't need it to be - because you're grateful for where you are right now - no waiting needed. 


This course is for anyone who is looking for a more spiritual approach to life, wants to learn how to start feeling happy (again), or simply needs a little vibrational tune up to get back on track. These are simple concepts, combined with some serious intention, and a loving-but-well-timed kick in the ass. If you're tired of feeling like crap, let's get high together.


We start this Thursday, June 8th/23

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