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You gave me back my freedom, and feelings of peace which is something I am not use to.  I feel great, and I look forward to my new journey! 

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healing & mentorship session

$150 - $225 (plus HST)

During a session, we will tackle whatever is currently standing in the way of you feeling and being your absolute best. Energy healing, chakra balancing, mediumship, past life clearing, and messages from your guides are just some of the things we may engage.  I connect to both your energy & Spirit to be guided to give you exactly what you need; helping to clear limiting beliefs, past trauma, energetic attachments, & even physical pain. We will connect online via Zoom and will deal with as many issues as possible within your chosen timeframe.  No two of these personalized sessions are the same and sessions are available in 30min and 60min blocks..

habitual healing video

$150 (plus HST)

This personalized healing video focuses on what clearing/healing/messages will support you not only today… but for months going forward.  Your healing will be recorded and emailed to you so that you can watch, listen, and receive as often as you like.  Listen to it daily, watch when you need a boost, review for gentle reminders and maybe a not-so-subtle kick in the aura.  Use it often to get in the habit of putting yourself first, opening up to energetic support, and aligning your personal vibration for greater success. Your video will not be interactive, you simply receive your recording the same day of your booked appointment.  No need to show up or have a plan, just set the intention to receive what you need and let me do the heavy lifting for you.  

VIP healing session

$300 (plus HST)

This session is the same as a one hour healing session, except for the fact that I cater to you like you're a VIP boss (and really, aren't we all)!  You can book a VIP session outside of my working hours, including weekends and holidays, and even same day appointments.  I support you through our session just the same as any other, but you also receive a remote chakra clearing about a week after your session to help your body and soul really benefit from the work we have done together.  These VIP sessions are limited and need to be booked through me directly.  

kids healing session

$100 (plus HST)

You know how amazing you feel after a session and yes, those incredible benefits can help your kids too! Kids are often more open and connected that adults, and as a result, their healing results can happen much faster.  I only work with children remotely which means I will connect with their energy without contacting them directly, and then send you an email afterwards to fully explain everything that happened and any messages that came through (sessions are 30 min in length).  I fully respect children and the powerful work they are doing here on Earth, so I will only work on them with their explicit permission. Healing sessions for kids can help with physical, emotional, behavioural, and unexplained issues related to Spirit.  

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