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Why choose this course over working with you one-to-one?

One option is not better than the other, it all depends on what your current needs are. While working with me privately gives you more personalized healing, it also costs significantly more. Some people prefer to work alone, while others gain great momentum from a group setting and the extra love & support that comes along with it. Working with me 1:1 leaves you with a lot of integration time, and during this course you will have access to me regularly in the Facebook group. It's a decision I can't make for you, but I am happy to chat about it if you need that loving confirmation. Remember that you can always add on additional private healing sessions throughout the course If need be.

Why are you only taking 20 people in this run of The Awakened Human Project?

What we will cover in the course is straightforward, but it isn't easy. In order to be certain that I have enough time, space & energy to fully support each and every one of you who join, I need to limit the numbers. I want everyone to feel seen and included, comforted and held ... and the only way I know how to provide that high level of care is to put a cap on the numbers. I may not run the course this way every session, so if super personalized support is where it's at for you, now is the time to sign up and ensure that you benefit from this super small class size.



How can I justify spending the money on myself instead of investing in my business or other worthwhile venture?

While putting money into your biz may seem like a no-brainer (hello financial payoff), I'm going to guess that if you're looking at taking a course, there's a shift that needs to happen there too.  It may be about stepping up & speaking out, feeling worthy to charge what you're worth, or calling in more abundance, ease & balance. Whatever it is you are wanting to shift in your business will not budge until you make that change within yourself. The skills and shifts you encounter in The Awakened Human Project will change you at your core, so that everything you do, especially your business, will benefit. In that respect it's a much better investment.

Do you offer a payment plan?  Can I pay by e-transfer?

There is a payment plan option for The Awakened Project, of three monthly payments of $997cad (taxes included). Any purchase can be paid for by e-transfer as well. Please contact me for details on how we can make that happen at


What exactly is in the special surprise?

Well if I told you that, it wouldn't be much of a surprise! Let's just say that it's a tangible gift curated personally by me to help support you through the work we are going to be doing together. If you want to know more, you're just going to have to sign up for the course.

What if I can't join the Zoom sessions live?

All live calls will be on Wednesday evenings at 7pm EST. If you cannot make it live, no worries! All calls will be recorded and posted right in the course player within 24 hours (usually sooner) for you to watch. If you have a specific question you would like answered live and cannot join us at that time, simply email me your question ahead of time, and I will answer you in the recording. If a question comes up after you've watched the recording, hop on over to the private FB group and I will answer you there.

Do I need to be on Facebook to join?

No, you do not need to be on Facebook ... but you'll be missing out on a lot of great conversation and support. The group is totally private, so no one else will be able to see what we are talking about and you are free to leave at any time. Botton line, it's suggested, but as with everything else in The Awakened Human Project, you are in charge of you.

What do you mean by "lifetime access"?

Once you join The Awakened Human Project, you will have access to the Modules, as they roll out each week. However, once all of the modules have been released, you will have unlimited access to the entire course for as long as it exists (including any improvements I may make). You are welcome to stay in the private Facebook group going forward, as well as enjoy the Zoom replays, however the LIVE webinars will be solely for the current group of students to ensure they get enough Q&A time on their own. You can always ask questions in the group or book a private session if you need deeper support past our 10 weeks together. Please note that the lifetime access is for you only, and any sharing of your account, passwords, or lessons will result in you losing access immediately and you will be held liable for any additional charges incurred.

How do I know if I'm ready for The Awakened Human Project?

If you're called to this course and working with me, that's typically a good sign that you're ready. There are, however, some reasons why this course may not be for you right now:

* you are unable to set aside a few hours each week just for yourself and this work

* you don't believe that change is possible for you

* you are not ready to get honest & feel really uncomfortable at times

* you are not open to working hard & taking chances on yourself

* you don't actually want meaningful change in your life right now (it's ok if you're not ready)

This work is not easy, but you are not doing it alone, and you my friend can do hard things. If you still have doubts, please contact me so we can chat at

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