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What happens during a session?

We will meet online via Zoom and have a little chat about where you're at and what you're wanting to accomplish.  I will connect to your energy and call in your Spirit helpers to get an overview of what is currently happening energetically within your body, in your aura, and with your soul.  I will be guided to help you clear, shift, and heal anything that is standing in the way of you feeling your best and moving forward with ease.  Since each session is unique, and my work is guided by my intuition and Spirit, there is no blueprint for what may pass.  Past life clearing, messages from Spirit, deep energy healing, mentorship, chakra clearing, generational healing, clearing old thought patterns, and so much more may occur.  The only limits to how much healing can happen is your willingness to show up, and your soul's readiness for shifts in the moment.  I only do what is for your highest good at the present time.  Some sessions are profound and immediately life changing, while others may have a more subtle effect where the changes are not readily perceived until some time has passed.  You will receive exactly what is meant for you, on your journey.

Throughout the entire session, you will be lovingly supported and I will walk you through all that is happening that you may not feel or see yourself.  Most people describe feeling very calm and at peace during the session, although emotional clearings are quite common (and oh so healing).  Before we finish up, I will make sure that you are clear and fully grounded, typically feeling much better than when we started.  Finally, I will give you a list of things Spirit would like you to work on going forward to help solidify and continue the healing, as well as an idea of what to expect in the days that follow.  


What should I expect after a healing session?

Most people feel extremely relaxed and often energized immediately following a treatment and report a sense of peace or well being for days afterward.  Energy healing is cumulative, so that with each subsequent session, the benefits should last longer and longer.  Sessions speed healing and release toxins from the body which may result in feeling a bit off afterwards for some people.  You may feel a temporary worsening of symptoms, or just a little off while your body adjusts, which is all normal... but please use your common sense and see a medical professional if you are concerned in any way.  It is important to allow your body to process this shift and to be as kind to yourself as possible.  Getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of water, and salt baths are all recommended.


Will I require ongoing sessions?

Everyone heals at different rates and the time required to feel your best varies from person to person.  Once you have achieved your goals, a monthly tune-up is recommended to keep you feeling fantastic and to heal any new/resurfacing issues before they become problematic.  The bottom line is that how often you come back is up to you, however receiving regular treatments can bolster the immune system, greatly reduce stress, and keep your energy field clear which can result in a much healthier, harmonious life going forward.


Do you offer in person sessions?

No.  All sessions are done online via Zoom.  Because energy is not bound by space or time, sessions can be given to anyone, anywhere in the world and many people report physically feeling me touching their bodies even though we are not physically together.  The benefit of remote healing is that you can remain in the comfort of your own home, you have totally privacy, and frankly it just works better.  I find that I can concentrate better without the additional energy in my space and that translates into deeper healing and/or clearer messages for you. 


Can children benefit from healing sessions?

Absolutely!  Children are more open to energy than most adults and as a result, soak it up like little sponges.  Energy healing is safe for children of all ages (even in utero).  Busy schedules and stimulating environments can take their toll on kids and this is a great way to help them calm down and centre themselves.  As with adults, the benefits for children are far reaching and can help alleviate symptoms, speed healing, and promote a state of well being.  Sessions can be very useful in uncovering the beliefs/causes behind behavioural issues and may help parents to understand what is going on to better support their child.  Most children require shorter sessions as they tend to accept the energy more easily and heal more quickly.  When I work with children, I do it without interacting, via email with the parents simply due to the fact that most of my little clients love to chat and that takes my attention away from the healing work at hand.  


What if I’m receiving other treatments/medical care?


Energy healing sessions work beautifully in tandem with other healing practices (both traditional and alternative) and tend to leave you feeling very calm, peaceful, and relaxed.  There are no contraindications for treatments and/or medications;  in fact you are encouraged to continue to see your regular healthcare providers, as the combination of care can help to you heal safely and more quickly.


How do you do readings?

Card readings are done intuitively and often do not follow traditional rules for Tarot.  I ask Spirit to guide me which deck to use for you and then pull cards, in a variety of spreads.  I then tune into what the cards are saying for you specifically and receive messages from the other side which I then pass along to you.  Do not be concerned if the messages you receive do not align with the traditional card meanings... I used the cards as a catalyst for my connection, not to get pre-determined answers.  

How do your gifts work?

This is a bit of a loaded question as I'm not entirely sure!  I have a lot of different gifts and I am able to see, hear, and feel energy & Spirit... as well as have the ability to alchemize energy, both current and past.  I am a medium, channel, and empath.  I can read people's energy and honestly, I just know things.  During sessions, readings, and teaching I use a combination of these gifts in order to help you receive the healing and information that is meant for you on that given day.  This can, and will change over time.  I have also been told by many of my clients that I act as an amplifier to increase the clarity and function of their own healing gifts.  Ongoing work with me can definitely help to fine tune and open up new connections between you and your guides.  

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a beautiful form of energy healing that is extremely gentle and can do no harm.  It is translated as spiritually guided life-force energy and has also been referred to as hands-on healing.  This beautiful energy literally changed my life, however it is very different from the type of energy healing that I use during sessions.  I sometimes offer free distance Reiki healing but do not have them as a regular healing option (although I do incorporate Reiki into my healing sessions sometimes).  If you are interested in learning this beautiful energy art yourself, please contact me directly for more information.  

Do you clear houses and/or people from dark energies?

First of all, I don't believe that dark equates to bad or that light is necessarily what we need all the time.  Light and dark need to be in our lives in balance in order for us to grow and shift into the incredible people we are meant to be.  That said, we sometimes pick up stuff that isn't ours and that can really hinder our health/happiness and stand in the way of us moving forward.  I do not have a set service for clearing but am happy to do this kind of work if I feel that I can be of help.  I can only shift what you are ready to let go of.  Contact me for pricing.

Do you guarantee your work?

No.  When you are working with me (for healing, readings, or mentorship), you are paying for my time and expertise... not results.  The simple reason for this is that working with energy is a partnership.  I can clear and shift and support but if you are not ready to heal, open to doing the work, or willing to let me in, then the results will not be as good as you may expect.  Healing is not linear, and even if we mange to shift something big, if you continue to repeat old patterns, you can invite the energy back in.  There are layers.  With readings, I am giving you information on a given day about your energy and situation at that time.  We are in control of our own destinies and every choice we make going forward can affect outcome.  There are unlimited possibilities waiting for us and it's one of the things that I feel makes our journeys so exciting!  

Have another question?

If you are still unsure if I am the right person for you to work with, or you have any additional questions, feel free to send me an email.

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