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Feeling anxious & a little out of control seems to be par for the course these days. It doesn't mean that you're flawed, it means that you're human and dealing with some big feelings about it all. This course can help.



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Feeling crazy trying to figure out what's real and what's not? Feel like Spirit is trying to get your attention, but you have no idea how to respond? Finding that your friends & family don't quite get it (or you)? Hop aboard!



Starts again in 2021

Learn to accept the truth of who you are and how you got here so that you can ditch what isn't working in your life and open up to clarity, trust and love ... so that you can start living life on purpose.


here's what past clients say about working with me:


"Sometimes just being open to ask a simple question can lead to great guidance in your life and if you are having a hard time hearing the answers, Melanie is like your mega phone".


"You gave me back my freedom, and feelings of peace which is something I am not used to".


 "I had a healing session with her and it was nothing short of miraculous".


"I was feeling sort of foggy around the direction of my business and your guidance was exactly what I needed to gain clarity".


"She has a special way of reaching deep down to the core of your being and connecting to what your soul is craving and needing to let go of".


3 courses means three ways to get love & support exactly where you are. Whether you are curious about Spirit, wanting to become the best human possible, or simply trying to get through the day, you'll find something here to help guide you ... and unlimited possibilities await.

are you ready?


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