first degree reiki

$300 (plus HST)

This intimate in-person class is small in size and big on Spirit. You will receive your attunement to first degree Usui Reiki along with learning about using your intuition.  This is a gentle introduction to the Reiki energy and how it can greatly improve your life. You will learn how to give basic treatments to yourself and others, the history of Reiki, its benefits & lifestyle... along with learning more about your own unique spiritual gifts. 

second degree reiki

$400 (plus HST)

This in-person class comes after first degree and will cover how to scan the body, change habits, and send Usui Reiki over distances. This class is small in size and allows you to really expand both your connection to Spirit, and your power to heal yourself and others.  You will be given three symbols to enhance the Reiki energy, along with learning more techniques and deepening your own spiritual connection.

third degree reiki

$750 (plus HST)

This level of Usui Reiki builds on second degree and is taught in-person.  You will receive a beautiful deepening of the Reiki energy and be qualified to practice professionally going forward.  This intimate class includes more symbols, healing attunements, aura clearing, and a lot of practical business advice and mentorship from me.  This level is wonderful for figuring out your own unique place in the realm of spiritual business!

reiki master teacher

$1800 (plus HST)

This is the final level in Usui Reiki which enables you to teach and attune others to the Reiki Energy.  You will learn new symbols and rituals, along with raising your vibrational energy.  This class is only taught privately, in-person because it is more of a spiritual mentorship and will involve so much more than just Reiki. You will learn how to teach and attune others, solidify your understanding of all Reiki lessons & techniques, and open up to your own incredible spiritual gifts.  Each class is tailored to your specific experience and curiosities.  

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